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You Can't (or maybe you can) Win Them All

Sandbar Sunday Outfitters spent last weekend at the Space Coast Seafood and Music Festival in Viera, Florida--where there were no shenanigans to be had. Although we had high hopes for the festival, there wasn't a great turnout and there were certainly moments that felt like all of the time, money and effort spent preparing for and manning a four-festival were wasted.

BUT, while we may not have made a mound of cash, we were given something far more valuable...the encouragement and support of Sandbar Sunday lovers! We were reminded that there are so many people out there, from all across the country and world, that have experienced Sandbar Sunday and understand it's allure. We were entertained with stories of sandbar shenanigans far and wide, from Torch Lake, Michigan, to Tahiti Beach, Bahamas, to Lake Havasu in Arizona and of course, our very own Sebastian Inlet sandbar. So many of you (like us) spend your workweek dreaming of the next Sunday Funday when you can join your friends and family out on the sandbar for a day of sun, music, laughter and maybe (just maybe) a little beer. 

So thank you to those of you who have posted on social media, sent emails of encouragement or have stopped by to see us at festivals. Your support is priceless and we greatly appreciate it!

And most of all, thank you for reminding us of what Sandbar Sunday is all about: camaraderie, a love of all things sandbar, and a quality brand that unites both. 

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