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We're not sorry. Sandbar Sunday is a veteran owned, police supporting, America loving, anti cancel culture brand.

Sandbar Sunday is a grassroots, veteran owned, police supporting, America loving, anti cancel culture brand, and we're not sorry for that. 

When I think about Sandbar Sunday, or boaters in general, I think about America. I don't care what sandbar you're on, American flags are flying on nearly every boat. This is something I've thought about a lot in a year that seems filled with anything but patriotism.

The sandbar is a place where we can get away from social media, biased news, and mask mandates; it's a place where (mostly) like-minded people can forget about politics and which cartoon character is being banned for offending someone, and focus on what matters to us: family, friends, water, sun, music and being a proud American. 

It is this vision of the sandbar that inspired our new shirt design. Launching at the Shrimfest in Sebastian this weekend, the new design features an image of a day on the sandbar, complete with all of the things we love about Sandbar Sunday, but most importantly, it captures the patriotism that lives in our hearts. 


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