Are you part of the club?

Okay, we'll admit it...Sandbar Sunday is kind of a club. 
Sandbar Sunday Outfitters was born of a love of time spent with friends and family on the sandbar. Since starting this company four short months ago, we've learned that there are so many people out there, from all across the country and world, that have experienced Sandbar Sunday and understand its allure.
We have been entertained with stories of sandbar shenanigans far and wide, from Torch Lake, Michigan, to Tahiti Beach, Bahamas, to Lake Havasu in Arizona and of course, our very own Sebastian Inlet sandbar. So many of you (like us) spend your work-week dreaming of the next Sunday Funday when you can join your friends and family out on the sandbar for a day of sun, music, laughter and maybe (just maybe) a little beer. 
It doesn't matter if you get there by boat, paddle board, jet ski or canoe, as long as you get there! If you love to spend lazy days relaxing on a sandbar, why not share that passion with others? Take that camaraderie to land with Sandbar Sunday Outfitters, a brand that offers quality and comfort for your day on the water, while uniting sandbar loves everywhere.

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