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A Sandbar Story

Sandbar Sunday Outfitters was born from a love of all of the things that Sandbar Sunday represents: family, fun, sun and the water.

While spending a day at the Sebastian Inlet sandbar, in Florida, Aimee and Jim  watched from the boat as their friends stood talking in the water, their teenagers lounged on floats without phones in hand, and the younger kids hunted hermit crabs on the sandbar. At that moment, they realized that no matter what sandbar you're on, Sandbar Sunday is a way of life that should be shared with others.

Since then, Aimee and Jim have worked hard to create a quality brand that encompasses all things Sandbar. From comfortable and stylish apparel to tumblers, hats and koozies, Sandbar Sunday Outfitters strives to make your Sunday Funday more than just a day on the water. 

Visit us often as we add additional products and designs to our inventory. 

Sandbar Sunday Outfitters invites you and your friends to JOIN THE PARTY!


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